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Video shredder cars TF500 - Franzoi Metalmeccanica srl.

- Considerable hopper load capacity.
- Very simple material loading.
- Double working speed: Slow - Fast.
- Interchangeable blades.
- Simple and intuitive control station.
- Possibility to check every parameter even at a distance.
- Numerous other features.

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metal shredder
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Industrial shredder

The fixed shredder TF500 by Franzoi, integrates in a single structure, a powerful shredder for ferrous materials and the engine-pumps group complete with all the accessories in its bottom. The result is a machine very simple, little cumbersome, efficient and unique in its field.
The high load capacity of the hopper (8 [m ^ 3]) coupled to a shredder with an engine power of 600 hp and a considerable working area (2100 x 1500 mm) makes loading easy and permits a wide variety of workable materials: Car bodies - refrigerators, washing machines, household appliances - Plastics and tires - Pressed cars or collect scraps - Drums and boilers - Sheets metal and bulky materials.
To ensure reliability over time, the shredder is designed with an automatic reversal of motion in case of overloads; It also has the ability to choose through a button the ideal speed for the job:
slow (3,5 rpm) suggested with hard materials that need high powers of cutting.
fast (7 rpm) with materials suitable for high production.
To be able to restore the cutting performances after a long period of work, the shredders are equipped with interchangeable teeth (blades) and with anti-wear plates on the combs.

PANEL PC: The desire to have an innovative product and all'avanguardi involves the choice of quality electronic components.
The shredder TF 500 has communications module that allows access via the Internet to spot.
You therefore have the opportunity to: Check each parameter. - Check reports and maintenance. - Optimizing the technical assistance

STRENGHTEN POINTS: Plant with an integrated engine - High productions - Minimum noise thanks to the low speed of rotors - Interchangeable teeth (blades) - Combs with interchangeable cutting - Double speed work - Plumbing drive (transmission) - Excellent access for maintenance through wide doors - Modelling for handling distance. Completely planned and realized by Franzoi.

Radio-Control - Automatic greasing plant - Dust suppression.



Car Shredder
Length 4.940 [mm]
Width 3.628 [mm]
Height 4.600 [mm]
Hopper length 4.510 [mm]
Hopper width 3.210 [mm]
Shredder width 2.680 [mm]
Shredder height 3.270 [mm]
Technical data  
Hopper 4.510 x 3.210 [mm]
Crusher inlet opening 2.100 x 1.600 [mm]
Hopper capacity 8 [m³]
Shredder speed 1 ÷ 7 [rpm]
Engine power 370 [kW]
Rotating speed 1.450 [rpm]
Production 15 ÷ 30 [ton/h]
Operating weight 48.000 [kg]


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