MRF1716 con alimentador especial (2,5 metri)

It is the new solution that allows the processing of motorcars or bulky scrap metals by using a medium-sized mill and thus greatly saving on the cost of the plant.

OPERATION: The system is equipped with a Special Feeder of 2.5 meters wide, that integrates, besides the toothed drum, also a side press. This allows insertion of bulky scrap and Motorcars. The press compresses sideways the motorcars within the crushing chamber, reducing with decision their width; later they are also reduced in the vertical axis by means of a motorised toothed drum and therefore brought to a size suitable to be processed in the mill chamber. The powerful mill rotating inside the chamber chops the material in a considerable and uniform manner. The material is pushed into a manganese steel grid, generating PROLER with excellent, more homogeneous quality and small size. If it is desired to generate larger and faster processed material, simply set the machine according to the other available modes.
The waste material in processing takes two different paths:

1- The thin waste parts such as powders, light plastics and rubbers are promptly removed by a powerful vacuum system in the chamber of the rotary mill.

2- The larger-sized parts are separated subsequently.

MAINTENANCE: The mill has a number of innovative technical features that make maintenance fast and effective. The downtime is limited to the advantage of production. Some examples:

1- In the mill there is an "evacuation door" from which is discharged the material that for some reason cannot be processed. Therefore, fast intervention, without dismantling important parts of the machine.

2- In the event that the mill chamber must be opened for replacements or maintenance, there is a hydraulic piston system which lifts the upper part of the chamber with or without the rotor.

TECHNOLOGY AND MANUFACTURING MATERIALS: The product is made according to the most modern technologies and with the best materials, the result of a long experience in the field of engineering and technology in the scrap metal processing field.




Hammer mill Length 4.280 [mm]
Hammer mill Width 2.900 [mm]
Hammer mill Height 4.930 [mm]
Infeed width 1.700 [mm]
Feeder Width 2.500 [mm]
Feeder height 5.700 [mm]
Technical data  
Motor power 600 ÷ 1.100 [kW]
Output 15 ÷ 25 [ton/h]
Hammer mill + special feeder weight 100.000 [kg]


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