The Shredder

The mobile shredding plant Piranha by Franzoi is a machine designed for the primary shredding stage of solid waste such as metal and plastic drums, tires, WEEE, bulky waste in general.
The machine allows to obtain a considerable reduction in volume and the disintegration of the linked components. All supplied materials can be treated at the best cutting conditions thanks to the selection of the optimum cutting speed selectable with the joystick on the remote control. The hydraulic motor is also equipped with a dual speed range: slow for hard materials and fast for easily machinable materials, thus production can be significantly increased. The mobile plant is characterized by its innovative technology that provides high performances in all its functions:
Low cost of ownership: no need of operator on board. - Dual speed range - Variable rotation speed - Low noise and vibration
- High travel speeds (up to 4 km/h) - Full remote control of all functions


In order to obtain an innovative and cutting-edge product, the plant is equipped with a completely electronic management. A control unit communicates with the engine unit through CANBUS line and transmit all the data to a display: this allows to get a completely plant monitoring, to visualize possible alarms and above all to have the possibility to configure the machine according to the customer requirements. Radio-control and fixed keyboard talk with the control unit through CANBUS, too.
All the Franzoi shredding machines can be equipped with a GPRS communication module which allows the access to the machine via INTERNET. In this way, it is possible to:
check each parameters - locate the machine - control the operating hours - verify reports and maintenance - prevent unauthorized use - optimize the technical assistance.


No operator required - High variety of treatable materials - Dual speed range for shredding - Variable speed of the shafts revolution - Complete management by radio-control besides by fixed keyboard - Hydraulic adjustable of the magnetic separator height - Simple management - Conformity to the transport laws - Completely designed and manufactured by Franzoi.

waste shredder
waste shredder




Length 8.000 [mm]
Width 2.500 [mm]
Height 3.100 [mm]
Conveyor unload height 2.850 [mm]
Hopper Length 2.850 [mm]
Hopper width 2.100 [mm]
Conveyor belt width 800 [mm]
Technical Data  
Hopper 2.850 x 2.100 [mm]
Crusher inlet opening 1.500 x 1.000 [mm]
Shredder Speed 2 ÷ 13 [rpm]
Engine Power 119 [kW]
Engine Speed 2.200 [rpm]
Total weight of the unit 23.000 [kg]


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