Secondary impactor mill

The MSL mill from Franzoi Metalmeccanica S.r.l. is a secondary fixed hammer mill, designed and manufactured for the production of sand and polyhedral granules. Thanks to the special design of the crushing chamber, the milling is achieved entirely via impaction, permitting the optimisation of the production and minimising the production of unwanted filler. The design also guarantees a noticeable reduction in wear and operating costs. The machine includes innovative technical solutions for the closing and opening of the casing, the adjustment of the armour panel holders, replacement of the hammers, and of the flywheel covers, greatly reducing the downtime of the machine for maintenance purposes. The MSL Mill with hydraulic controls is supplied with a control console mounted on a pulpit. At the heart of the console is a PLC that constantly monitors the state of the machine and communicates with the rest of the system.
The pulpit also contains the hydraulic pump, tank, and hydraulic / solenoid valve systems that operate during the control of the machine and its adjustment.

The pulpit’s control panel allows:
- complete adjustment, via the hydraulic systems, of the armour holders.
- opening / closing of the moving part of the machine via a hydraulic piston.

During operation of the machine, the PLC provides control over:
- the setting of the limit switches and micro-switches that verify the correct closure of the machine and of all the inspection hatches.

These same operations can also be performed via the remote control (accessory) that is not supplied in the standard configuration, but which can be purchased later

The mill is supplied as standard with the following: The complete Mill itself, equipped with a rotor with 4, 3, or 2 hammers according to the intended usage, and balanced both statically and dynamically - Set of hammers and armoured plates made from either manganese steel or special alloys, ideal for more abrasive materials - Feed opening - Tank and hydraulic pump - Electrical and hydraulic components.

hammer mill



Technical Data MSL 400 600 800 1200
Feed particle size [mm] 20 ÷ 100 20 ÷ 100 20 ÷ 100 20 ÷ 100
Motor power [kW] 45 ÷ 90 55 ÷ 110 90 ÷ 160 132 ÷ 200
Rotor rpm. [rpm] 715 ÷ 830 715 ÷ 830 715 ÷ 830 715 ÷ 830
Feed rate [ton/h] 30 ÷ 40 30 ÷ 60 40 ÷ 90 70 ÷ 125
Weight of each hammer [kg] 54 80 108 160
Mill weight [kg] 6.000 6.600 8.000 9.500


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